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12-29-2020 Recovery & Testimonial

January 1


12-29-2020 Recovery & Testimonial - 12-29-2020 Recovery & Testimonial -

I took my brother out hunting and he had the opportunity to shoot his first deer. The deer ran off into the woods and was wounded. When we went to look for the deer there was an obvious blood trail but it eventually stopped. We walked back to the beginning and noticed the deer had turned around and ran the opposite direction. We tracked the deer for over 4 hours and decided to wait until morning. During our morning search we would find blood here and there but it eventually stopped again. After 2 hours we lost hope and thought my brother would not be able to harvest his first deer. 
But then I found Brian and his dog Pop. Brian went out of his way to help us and when Pop got there, he jumped out of the truck and was immediately on the trail. He sniffed the initial trail for a few seconds before heading directly to the path the deer had turned at. When the blood trail ended Pop never skipped a beat. He ran right up on the deer ( which was still alive) and barked.. This all happened in less than 5 minutes! Pop tracked this deer a good 150-200 yards in less than 5 mins. I was amazed!! There is no way that we would have found this deer without Brian and Pop. Thanks Brian and Pop for allowing my brother to harvest his first deer and helping us make memories. 

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