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HI - I AM Otis Brian Lambright, i am a deer recovery & bloodtrailing training specialist., Bloodtracking Available Statewide

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Otis Brian Lambright

Tracking Specialist


Black River Bloodhounds

Otis Brian Lambright 
Tracking  is my hobby & something that I feel is super rewarding. I’m also the current Vice President of Arkansas Bowhunters Association for 2022-2024 term.

Kevin Weitkamp

Kevin is a pro with a wealth of knowledge & 13 years of experience; and his own advice is given in All About Bloodhounds. He’s had tracking dogs owned by big time outfitter & an avalanche dog ;(Search & Rescue) sold into Alaska.

With 2 kennels to serve you; we’re your one stop go-to for bloodhounds; Kevin Weitkamp’s north Arkansas kennel & Brian’s central Arkansas kennel has you covered on your bloodhound needs. Please reach out to get put on our waiting list as we currently have folks on our list already. You can reach Kevin through the Facebook page & you can reach me through the website contact link.

We can give you the support you need to start your puppy into tracking. Nearly every tracker is eager to help you advance your knowledge & progress your dog! We’ve had success with search & rescue plus deer tracking recovery dogs & we encourage others to get into tracking.

We’ve shipped to a millionaire in California & to a Minnesota lawyer; so we ship nationwide. Kevin has put the dog that went to Alaska on a flight from Memphis so we definitely ship nationwide, 100%..

Pricing is for the puppy only & doesn’t include shipping; shipping is the responsibility of the buyer & pups must be picked up at 6 weeks from whelping.

Otis Brian Lambright

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When in doubt, BACK OUT. Rushing a recovery on a whitetail is the number one way to lose a trophy; except for shoulder shots (little penetration), youneed a dog immediately.. do not pass go! do not collect $200.. get a dog for this shot ASAP. There’s not enough blood usually for you to keep jumping this deer; you need a dog on him.

Bow kills: When you're not in doubt, back out anyway.. Give your deer at least an hour, preferably more.. even if it's a heart or double lung shot. If it’s high temps, the shot is perfect & you hear or see the deer crash, only then will I proceed an early recovery. Do research on others recommendations & know what lung shot arrows look like, versus gut shot blood. Also research recommended wait times for these different types of mortally wounded game to expire. Exhaust your efforts to find your trophy & then call us! If it's a first deer or a 200" buck, they are all worth finding!

Nothing worthwhile is ever very easy.

Donnie Gay 8X World Champ Bullrider

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Some Works I'm Proud Of

  • Bloodhound Bloodtrailing

    Bloodhound Bloodtrailing

  • Veterinarian Practices

    Veterinarian Practices

  • Satisfaction Certifed in these PIKS

    Satisfaction Certifed in these PIKS

  • Dec 16 2020 litter (3-4 months old)

    Dec 16 2020 litter (3-4 months old)

  • 4-15-2021 Muddy x Dixie

    4-15-2021 Muddy x Dixie

  • Puppy Identification

    Puppy Identification

  • 12-16-2020 Muddy x Sadie

    12-16-2020 Muddy x Sadie

  • Doc Boone AKC Muddy CRK / Cannan McGhee

    Doc Boone AKC Muddy CRK / Cannan McGhee

  • Clyde AKC Muddy CRK/Black RVR

    Clyde AKC Muddy CRK/Black RVR

  • Deer Recoveries & Tracking Training

    Deer Recoveries & Tracking Training

  • Archery Tournaments

    Archery Tournaments

  • 3,000 lbs annually (mature whitetail’s grocery list)

    3,000 lbs annually (mature whitetail’s grocery list)

  • AKC DIXIE (Dam #3)

    AKC DIXIE (Dam #3)

  • Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound

    Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound

  • Grown Pups (that were out of my lines)

    Grown Pups (that were out of my lines)

  • Recovery pics: from pups I’ve sold

    Recovery pics: from pups I’ve sold

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12-29-2020 Recovery & Testimonial

January 1

I took my brother out hunting and he had the opportunity to shoot his first deer. The deer ran off into the woods and was wounded. When we went to look for the deer there was an obvious blood trail bu - Read Post

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