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Deer Recoveries & Tracking Training

2021-2022 Season 

A great season for “MY DOGS”..including the dogs I train that other people own.

Jacob Mize reports Pop to have recovered 11 of 12 & also 1 bear. Pop’s best track was around 1,000 to 1,200 yards long this year.

My Dally recovered 7 out of 10; with her best track 2 to 2 1/4 miles on a buck that was shot the previous day 16-18 hours before she got on the track. I’m convinced if the two dogs listed above do not find a deer… It is not dead! Or will die days or weeks later.. 2 of the 3 she didn’t recover showed back up on trail camera.

Both of these above listed dogs are lab crosses.. I love the drive & determination that a lab has.

My AKC Superstar Dixie (Dam 4) is a recent purchase also & she recovered one deer this year one a simple track.

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